Want to see the future?

Join us November 2-6 when the Nordic Health 2030 Movement showcases future trends, ideas, business models, and initiatives that will help shape the next decades with our “Pockets of the Future”-campaign.

Day Theme Keywords
Monday Community & City Empowerment, urban planning, mobility, health literacy, wellbeing economy
Tuesday Startup & Scaleup Future of work, entrepreneurship, business development
Wednesday Research & Innovation STEM, microbiome, genomics, data sharing
Thursday Digital & Data Devices, apps, systems,  data for good
Friday Collaboration & Partnerships Crossborder, cross-silo, bridges, platforms, joint ventures
What happens/how do I join?

Each day will have a series of online events and opportunities – connecting people and ideas across the Nordics. Morning will be kicked off by a fresh theme insight by the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies with a key webinar presenting three core cases, selected among a case collection of future technologies, initiatives, or business models that will shape your future.

You want to join the events/share a case for the collection? Use this form (add Pockets in the organization – and we’ll be in touch asap. You can also contact one of our National Focal Points to learn more about the campaign and local initiatives.

Before, under, and after the campaign week, the Nordic Health 2030 Movement and its team of global ambassadors will curate and review all submissions to create and publish a joint catalogue of Nordic Health 2030-cases.

Why Pockets?

Across the Nordics, the future is already here. Or some of it, at least. With an ever-changing landscape of today and tomorrow it can be hard to see larger changes and patterns, but they are still there. Inventions and trends of today were made and grew years ago.

Read more about identifying and strategizing for the future at H3Uni here.

Participants with pockets of the future