People and Process

So far, we focus our work in the Nordic Health 2030 Movement in three workstreams;

– covering issues and challenges like health literacy, education, work-life balance, work environment, social determinants and more.
Workstream Leader
Carsten Obel
– covering issues and challenges like sharing, interoperability, legislation, structure, ethics, value creation, use of real world data and more
Workstream Leader
Nard Schreurs
Communications & Events
– covering issues and challenges like networking, sharing ideas, connecting organizations and people – and creating & using events to do so.
Workstream Leader
Lars Münter

The workstreams are populated by the members of the Movement – both the original participating organisations, but also interesting partners and people from across the globe, wanting to help build a future, sustainable health vision.


Nordic Communication Focal Points
Would you like to know more about the Movement, local activities, progress, and events? Try connecting to one of our national focal points.

– Marketing Communications Manager, Health & Wellbeing and ICT & Digi at Business Finland
National Focal Point
Siru Nori
– Development Manager, Region Skåne
National Focal Point
Tobias Schölin
– Director, Precision Medicine Program for Group, Technology, & Research (GTR) at DNV GL
National Focal Point
Bobbie Ray-Sannerud
– Head of International Projects Unit, Danish Committee for Health Education
National Focal Point
Lars Münter


Case Collection
In the coming months we will be collecting cases that either show glimpses of the future we want, create pathways to better options, or highlights how different thinking & decisions creates different solutions in line with Nordic Health 2030 visions.

With the help of our Movement members and ambassadors we will use these cases to:

– Find best formats for future uptake of cases – and KPIs to  identify them
– Create a digital Case Collection of to inspire actions
– Share the Case Collection via upcoming events in the Nordics and globally
– Join forces to ensure eligible cases can be publicized – eg in BMJ Case Reports