About the Movement

The Nordic Health 2030 Movement was started following the creation of the Nordic Health 2030 principles and philosophy in 2018-2019.

A vision, process, and product of a gathering of over 30 leading decision makers across the Nordics during 2019, who all acknowledged the need for and the value in turning towards preventive health and agreed to develop a collaborative network for achieving this goal.

Part of our Nordic network…

Created in and by Nordic stakeholders, the Nordic Health 2030 Movement is however not exclusive to the Nordics, specific organisations, actors in the healthcare sector, or types of decision makers. This is because the key to preventive health is you – individuals coming together with a purpose.

This is a huge process and ambition, but actually part of what we do everyday, consciously or not. And indeed, we started our process inspired by the similar Nordic collaboration and transformation that created the Nordic Food revolution.

What everyone shares in the Nordic Health 2030 Movement is a commitment to achieving better health on both an individual and a societal level. Everyone does what they can to contribute, from engaging in more preventive health activities in everyday life, to working to develop and implement better healthcare policies.

Read more about our principles, philosophy, and work so far here.

We can no longer wait for the future to begin. It is time to deliver.