Nordic Health beyond 2030

For the Nordic Health 2030 Movement, 2022 has held a lot of transition. The combination of the corona pandemic continuing, society reopening, war and energy crisis revisiting – both the present and the future are in flux. We had the great opportunity to revitalise towards 2023 at EHiN 2022.

NordicHealth2030 Revitalised

Want to see the future?

Looking for Pockets of the Future…

Join us November 2-6 when the Nordic Health 2030 Movement showcases future trends, ideas, business models, and initiatives that will help shape the next decades with our “Pockets of the Future”-campaign.

Plenty of opportunities to join, share, view, discuss – as we shine a light onto emerging trends, tech, and tools that will become integral parts of 2030 in the Nordics and beyond.

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