Quite, but not silent

Nordic Health 2030 has moved a long way since last we posted. After a tragic start of 2022 (the loss of team member and thought leader professor Carsten Obel) we’ve been dedicated to a focus on “how” to build and nurture the future.

March 5, 2023 in Blox in Copenhagen, we’re kickstarting the next creative and co-constructive Nordic series of dialogues and workshops towards the future; look forward to share more.

Nordic Health beyond 2030

For the Nordic Health 2030 Movement, 2022 has held a lot of transition. The combination of the corona pandemic continuing, society reopening, war and energy crisis revisiting – both the present and the future are in flux. We had the great opportunity to revitalise towards 2023 at EHiN 2022.

NordicHealth2030 Revitalised