Want to see the future?

Looking for Pockets of the Future…

Join us November 2-6 when the Nordic Health 2030 Movement showcases future trends, ideas, business models, and initiatives that will help shape the next decades with our “Pockets of the Future”-campaign.

Plenty of opportunities to join, share, view, discuss – as we shine a light onto emerging trends, tech, and tools that will become integral parts of 2030 in the Nordics and beyond.

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Health in the Nordics – video

Nordic Health 2030 is a shared agenda on sustainable health inspired by leading decision makers across the Nordic region. This is a promotional video for the Nordic Health 2030 Magazine, which explores the greatest challenges and opportunities for the future of healthcare.

Future Proofing Healthcare

Everyone should have equal access to healthcare. Meaningful conversations and sharing best practice will help to achieve this. This website is an interactive tool showcasing insights and data from the FutureProofing Healthcare Indices to support this dialogue.

The site is divided into three parts:
The Sustainability Index
The Breast Cancer Index
Expert Commentary

Get out of the silos

How can healthcare systems keep up with the changing face of healthcare to create the health system of the future? At the ICT & health interviewed Bogi Eliasen at the European Health Forum Gastein, Bogi Eliasen. Key takeaway: To make healthcare sustainable we have to get out of the silos.

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